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New flight offer to Cuba, Tampa-Havana and coming soon Miami-Havana.

Organ Transplant
Drug Addiction
Retinitis Pigmentosa
Excimer Laser Surgery: myopia, far-sightedness, astigmatism
Aesthetic Surgery


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About us

Cubaforhealth.com, is the website of an agency, specialized in Medical Services and to enhance Quality of Life.

Belraysa Tours & Travel Group S.A., is a Panamanian Travel Agency with offices in Panama City and La Habana and it's also the owner of Cubaforhealth.com, as well as some other web sites specialized in Tourism.

Our MISION: To collaborate with whom request specialized medical care, guaranteed by a service which combines medical ethics and scientific development, as well as the human warm touch that provides it.

Endorsed by over forty years of achievements and based on an infrastructure comparable to leader nations in the medical science field, Cuba emerges as a valid option, with a humanist projection resolutely distanced of mercantilism and inhumanity that frequently
impede the access to health care to millions of persons all over the world.

Our Agency is devoted to open a gate through Cuba and the Cuban medicine, which could permit the access to high level medical care for a larger number of patients and with reasonable rates.

The Cuban Health System has been conceived in a manner that allows the funds obtained through the Health Tourism could be used to support the expenses of the national health covering, due to this reason the medical services for Cuban citizens are absolutely gratuitous.

Therefore, when hiring the services of our Agency, you're not only accessing to a state of the art health product but also helping to other people.

Contact us and we will prepare for you a gratuitous evaluation with the possible treatments in Cuba for you and your relatives. With a short description of your condition and/or a resume of your medical dossier, you would receive the answers that your need in the next 24 hours.

Our specialists will kindly prepare a customized proposal of a program which could fit your needs. You would have access to a personalized evaluation without any obligation or commitment on your side.




Mr. Jorge Guerra Guerra
General Manager
Mobile: (507) 6423 2177
Phone: (507) 391 7433
E-mail: jorge@cubaforhealth.com, info@belraysatours.com
Address: Vía Argentina No. 23, Edificio Yolanda, El Cangrejo, Bella Vista, Ciudad Panamá, Panamá. (Near opening)

Dominicana Republic

Dominican Republic:

Mr. Abel Vaquer Hevia
President of Operax International SRL
Representative of Belraysa Tours & Travel Group S.A.
Mobile: (829) 944 3550, (929) 944 3549
Phone: (809) 422 3550
E-mail: rdominicana@cubaforhealth.com
Address: Abraham Lincoln No. 373 Edifi. Profesional EFA Piantini



Mrs. Gabriela Cecilia Ruiz
Representative of Belraysa Tours & Travel Group S.A.
Mobile: (54) 0351 157039025
Phone: (54) 0351 4231577
E-mail: argentina@cubaforhealth.com

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